The monthly traffic feature is sometimes known as data transfer or bandwidth as well, yet all of the abovementioned terms refer to the same thing - what amount of data can be transferred to and from your hosting account. The traffic can be produced in two ways, the more noticeable one being site visits. When somebody loads your website, their web browser requests and downloads the pages from your hosting server and then shows them on their end. The more website visitors you have, the more outgoing traffic is produced from your hosting account. Considering that this feature includes the whole web site traffic, not only your website visits, you shouldn't forget that incoming traffic is measured too. Which means that site content along with other files that you upload to your account with a file manager or an FTP application are counted towards the account quota. Your transfer is typically checked on a monthly basis and the counter resets on the very first day of every month regardless of your actual signup date.

Monthly Traffic in Hosting

We've selected the features of our hosting plansin such a way, in order to help with the growth of every web site hosted on our innovative cloud platform. The website traffic that your account can generate makes no exception, which means that with a hosting package from our company, you will not need to worry about the amount of content being transferred to and from your account at any moment. You'll be able to host various small and medium-sized sites and make sure that the monthly traffic allowance will not be a problem for their progress. We also provide comprehensive hourly, daily and monthly stats which will give you more information about the site traffic that a given site produces or which particular page/file is being downloaded the most and produces most of the traffic. This kind of information can help you arrange the supervision of your web sites along with your marketing techniques more efficiently.

Monthly Traffic in Semi-dedicated Hosting

As our Linux semi-dedicated hosting are rather powerful, we've made the decision not to set any type of restriction for the monthly site traffic that a given account can generate. We consider that if you acquire a hosting plan that features a lot of computing power, your web sites will most likely have lots of visitors and as each and every visitor makes certain website traffic, one may end up having inaccessible sites in case there was a restriction for this particular characteristic. With truly unrestricted website traffic, you can be sure this will never happen. For your convenience, you'll be able to keep track of the info being downloaded as well as the web site traffic that is generated for each individual domain with monthly, daily and hourly numbers that will give you an idea how popular your sites are. You can even view the webpages and files which have produced most of the traffic in the semi-dedicated account.

Monthly Traffic in Dedicated Hosting

The monthly site traffic quota that is included with our dedicated server packages is sufficient for any type of site irrespective of its type. Your web applications can generate terabytes of site traffic, which ensures that all your visitors will never notice any type of error message on your site because of limited allowance like it can happen with other types of hosting. Also, we leave the option to upgrade the traffic amount open, but it's highly unlikely that you'll ever need it even if you want to run a file sharing site or a video streaming portal. The server management Control Panel provides accurate live info what amount of data has been transferred for the month so far, and what amount of it is left until you get to the limit. We'll also contact you when you reach 90% of the quota in order to be on the safe side and prevent any downtime of your websites. The data in this panel includes the whole traffic, including software downloads, so that it is more accurate than the one in your hosting Control Panel where you will be able to view details only about the traffic developed by online content.